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ATTACHMENT_NOT_FOUND is a short interactive fiction game

November 2004

Search through your sisters computer

5- 10 minutes

 mouse click to interact

with headphones

with the lights off

NOT on an ultra wide monitor

explore, click around, try everything out! 

Updated 9 days ago
Published 12 days ago
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
AuthorFinal Girl Games
GenreInteractive Fiction
Tags2D, Creepy, Cute, Horror, Mystery, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Retro, Short, Singleplayer



Install instructions

*game may not run properly on ultra wide monitors

*game doesnt download through itch app but can be downloaded via browser 

Development log


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i was excited to play this but it doesnt work on mac </3 D:

I am so sorry! I am a very new developer and will be sure to think about this with my next project - thank you! D:

Apooky and interesting 

i cant extract the file

it said soemtying aboiut calibrationfloor (sorry i type bad)

someone else who had this issue used 7zip to fix it!

It won't let me extract the file due to a piece of the file labeled "calibration floor" :') i'm not sure what to do to fix this and make it extract

(1 edit)

Hmm no one else has had this issue that I'm aware of D: you are free to message me and worst case I could try sending the game to you on discord!!! 

I went ahead and messaged you :>

Or maybe just try deleting your download and re-downloading it :(

I had the same problem. I used 7zip to extract it instead and the game worked fine.

noted, i'll go ahead and redownload it and try it that way :> 

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being a scene kid myself on myspace in the early 2000's i found this game to be too accurate lol
this game was a gem. I was utterly disturbed by the end of the game. very powerful. thank you. 

thank you so much for playing and taking the time to make a video :) your reactions to Ians comments made me laugh! 


I absolutely love games like this and playing this was so fun! Creepy stuff, loved trying to find out what happened but at the end I came up with more questions than answers lol Great work on this

games like this is always interesting to me I’ll give it a 8/10. Here is my review of the game (TAGALOG/ENGLISH)

i love this game sm omgggg 

thank you!!!


Really really fantastic, it's "found footage"-like horror that I crave but almost never see in a game. Experiencing a story this way was very immersive. And it was creeeeeeeeeeeeepy :O

thank you so much! this is so kind of you to say and I am really glad you enjoyed the game :)



omg thats so nice????? :') thank you for playing! 


This game is a really cool concept and insightful way to raise awareness to the dangers of things like social media and grooming, its really eerie and different to anything i have played in the past it was VERY dark but very effective in the use of tackling something that is a very REAL problem in society right now, honestly its probably one of the more in depth short horror games i have played to date and having a message that actually means something is what makes this such a eerie and suspenseful horror experience, well done

thanks so much for the kind words, I am glad the game resonated with you and thank you for taking the time to make a video about it! I enjoyed your playthrough and thoughts on the game :)


hit really close to home. amazing game, captures that post y2k internet perfectly

thank you so much! I am very glad you enjoyed it  :)


Really cool game though I wish it were a tad longer because it, unfortunately, ended at the most suspenseful part. I would love to see a follow-up to this game through excellent potential and good capture of the time and era. keep up the good work look forward to more games from you. : )

thank you so much for taking the time to play and making a video! your playthrough was great! :)

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Really liked the early 2000 aesthetic. The game wasn't too long and it had a lot of interesting details. Recommended if you like these type of mystery games.


thanks so much for taking the time to play the game and make a video - I'm glad you liked it! 


Very creepy game. 


absolutely amazing work as always!! your dedication to the aesthetic really brings the whole thing together, and I loved the suspense of the battery running out!!


Would love to play your game. Unfortunately it's the absolute bane of existence to download and actually get to work.

I'm sorry to hear that! You're the first person who has had this problem to my knowledge :( what exactly was the issue you had? 

I know im not the op but, whenever i try to download it i just get a text fi;e on my computer and no actual game/game files :(

it may be because its a rar. file rather than a standard zip.! most people use winRAR  for this :) 

I have updated the download file to contain a standard version instead!! thanks for letting me know about this problem! 


tysm for helping out, im exited to play the game!

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ian just like me fr

This game is VERY good


So simple but effective!  It was crazy how authentic the depiction of mid-2000s MySpace era-internet was here, felt super nostalgic on top of the tension it built gradually through emails, notes, internet profiles etc.  It's a short and sweet 10 minute playthrough, yet I played it 3 times over just to read all the other e-mails and captions because I thought the writing was really solid!!  Really great horror without relying on loud sounds or lazy jumpscares, would love to see more like this!!!  Amazing work!


It was quite interesting to use the battery as a time limit instead of needing to find clues to progress. A lot of detail from the emails and myspace stuff a nice experience.

For what it was this was not bad at all. Definitely captured the mid 2000s whilst having an eerie feel to it. Made a video on it.


played this in front of a live audience. freaked every one of us out. excellent job!!!


Wow! Very well done! These games are getting better and better. This one really drew me in! The atmosphere was really cool- which is saying a LOT considering it was basically a Windows XP and Myspace Sim, lol. I thought I accidently clicked on something at the very end and ended up playing through it 2 more times before I realized what I actually did. 

I wish I had more time and more to interact with to be a true internet sleuth!

Also loved all the Easter Eggs!

Anyways, very cool game, as I said above these games get better each time, cant wait to see what you come up with next!

Also... because the tape recorded started playing from the beginning of the recorded message. 


wow thank you SO much! I am really glad to hear how much you liked the game! 

I will tell ian to remove you from the list. thank you! 


The atmosphere created was incredibly tense throught the whole experience. Love it when a game focuses much more on that aspect rather than annoying jumpscares. Congrats on your latest game!

Did a little playthrough without commentary to show it off :)


thank you so much for the kind words and for taking the time to make a video - super nice of you!!!!!


I really enjoyed this game. Both nostalgic and terrifying.

love the video!! thank you so much!


this was very scary not just because i had to relive 2004 internet culture but because it was also spooky :0




Very creepy